"Ganz herzlichen Dank fuer die Behandlung. Kuenftig werde ich wohl nach Endland fliegen muessen, um meine Zahnarzttermine zu machen! Ich hatte noch nie einen Zahnarzt, dem ich so vertrauen konnte wie Dr Das. Danke!" 



"Dear Peter, Thank you for beeing such a lovely dentist. I hope you enjoy the poem:


To Dr Das 

Going to the dentist is never a feast 

But if you come here to see Dr Das 

You know you are in for a treat


He is kind, excellent and sweet 

And he really knows how to look after your teeth


He is the best dentist in town 

And I would never swap him 

Not even for the royal crown 


With him all the times Camilla is there to assist

While I try my best to hide my fists 


If you need to take the teeth out

Dr Haq is the best surgeon there without a doubt 


Thank you to all the team for looking after me

You are worth every penny of the fee. 

Yous Truly 




"Dr Das is an incredible dentist! He has made me feel at ease and has supported me through my whole dental transformation and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Dr Das and the practire - I am living the dream!" 



"Great doctor and great results. Was very good at transforming my teeth and love the resutls." 



"Always greated with a smile and felt welcomed. I have not got any complaints about my Incognito treatment. I would recommend the practice and particualarly Peter to anyone!"



"It was a great Invisalign experience. Great service and very professional staff. Thank you!"



"Peter was always friendly and kind & put me at ease. I've always felt looked after. Thank you!"



"The service I have received from the practice and Dr Das has been amazing they have been accomodating with appointments & all checkups were relaxed and friendly. I would honestly recommend the pracice to my friends and family. 

I am very happy with the true way my teeth look & it has given me more confidence to smile with teeth showing. Thank you! "



"Dr Peter Das was very welcoming, friendly and professional. I am very pleased with my resutls and would definitely recommend to a friend. Thanks for everything."



"Dear Peter - thank you so much for your care and expertise. The journey to straighten my teeth has been enjoyable due to your generosity of time. Thanks to you I can smile more confidently. Best wishes, J"



"Excellent service, very professional and welcoming during every visit. Highly recommend for anyone thinking about INCOGNITO BRACES."



"Very professional and friendly! I should update my jokes about German Denstists."



"The staff at the practice, and in particular Dr Das, are without a doubt the friendliest, most efficient, and professional people I' ve dealt with for my dental needs, and I've seen quite a few dentists over my lifetime beacuse I have quite stubborn teeth. 

My highest praise goes to Dr Das. He is highly competent, which has really reassured me throughout our month working totether to align my top and bottom teeth. 

When I first went to see Dr Das my top and bottom teeth were crooked and pointed in strange directions. As a teacher, it is important for me to articulate clearly with my students and to look confident. However, before my treatment I felt very unconfident about my smile, and it affected my ability to fully engage with the students. As such, I was interested in a brace which was not visible to the students and aloowed me to look professional at all times, while still undergoing treatment. Dr Das reassured me that I can have a beautiful smile and recommended a WIN lingual brace This brace was great because it was basically invisible to others, and Dr Das worked with me for many month to ensure that my dental problems were solved and that I was happy with the outcome. We have now finished the treatment and I absolutely love to smile! I can honestly say, without reservation, that I have never had such outstanding levels of service, caring, and total dedication to ensure the patient (in this case me) is completely satisfied. I cannot speak highly enough of this dental practice or the people who staff it, and in particular Dr Das who went above and beyond to ensure I was happy. I rate the practice the full 5 stars. I'd rate it 10 if that were an option! An absolutely oustanding service. Thank you."



"To the one and only dental master. Thank you for everything and the Incognito treatment. You have been more then a doctor to me. You have been a friend. You always make me smile and you have made my smile look AMAZING. Its going to be sad now knowing I am not going to be seeing you every 4 to 6 weeks. Thank you for everything."



"Dear Dr Das. Thank you so much for beeing such a wonderful dentist and for always beeing so patient, kind and friendly. It has been a pleasure drivng up for Aaron's appointments. Thank you for making us laugh and smile during every visit and for all the great travel advice."



"I am very happy with the result of my orthodontic treatment and I was especially pleased with Dr Das' professionalism". 



"I had Incognito with Peter, the whole process was made very comfortable, Peter was friendly along with his staff. He mad you feal at ease, making the process easier to deal with. I could highly recommend Peter and his practice for my dental work". 



"I'd say that my treatment has been life-changing. I was so insecure about my teeth and due to this my confidence was extremely low. I'd even cover my mouth whenever I'd laugh. However, thanks to the practice and especially Dr Das and his team. I can finally smile with genuine joy and confidence. Dr Das has answered any questions I have had with enthusiasm and I will be forever grateful to the team. You have given me my smile back". 



"I have LOVED my Invisalign treatment. I am thrilled with the results, with thanks to all the team. This has really changed my life. Thank you!"



"Lieber Herr Dr Das, es ist ja nicht oft so dass man sich auf den Zahnarzttermin freut, aber bei Ihnen ist das wirklich so. Herzlichen Dank fuer Ihre zuvorkommende Art und ausgezeichnete aerztliche Arbeit. Ich komme gerne wieder. Mit freundlichen Gruessen."



"The practice - especially Dr Das - have been very accomodating and helpful throughout. My military job has made my tmings very awkward but they have been forthcoming trough the past few year. The experience was enjoyable, highly professional and convenient. Thank you very much!"



"Thank you very much for my excellent treatment. Dr Das was exceptionally patient, thorough and made the whole process very pleasant. Many thanks!"



"Peter, there are no words to say what you have done for me. Its not just about saying GRACIAS for the excellent treatment that you have provided to me. It's more about that I used to hate going to the dentist and actually now I LOVE going! 

But...Maybe it's your magic touch! I will really miss coming regular to see you and have a little laugh, but I will definitely not miss the injections!, Lots of love."



"The first time I have looked forward to coming to the dentist! Everyone is lovely and my teeth look so much better!"



"Thank you Peter for my wonderful straight teeth! I was initially nervous about beeing an adult & having orthodontic treatment, but you have all put me at ease and alleviated my concerns. Hand down, it has been one for the best decistions I have made.

Thank you :). "



"Thank you, Dr Das, for totally tranforming my smile and my confidence. I have had the best treatment in every way - not only super professional and first class approach to dentisitry, but always total care and conern for the patient. I have always enjoyed coming here and always left happy from here. I can not image going to another dentist - I have been coming here all the way from Windsor."



"Hiermit moechte ich die Praxis von Herrn Dr Das waermstens empfehlen. Ich fuehle mich immer gut beraten und in den besten Haenden."



"I am very pleased with my treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone! Many thanks!"






"Very happy with Peter and the treatment I have received. I would highly recommend this practice."



"My experience at the practice has been excellent. The friendly staff and Peter have been very accomodating, I would definately recommend the practice to a friend."



"Great, thorough and informed treatment plan. Really happy with the results!"



"I hate the dentist and I am probably the most anxious candidate for Incognito/Invisalign - HOWEVER (!) Dr Das has guided the my treatment so great and I could not be happier with the results! Thank you!"



"Very professional, well cared for throughout my Incognito treatment. Never thought I would see the day that I would have straight teeth. Thank you so much for taking my case on and making it work!"



"Very pleased with the service I have received over the past few month. The staff have been very friendly and accomodating, happy with my results!"



"Really pleased with my treatment. Dr Das was lovely, as were all the staff. The receptionists were always friendly!! Treatment took a while but thoroughly worth it and now I can smile with confidence."



"Very friendly and professional at all times. Enjoyed the treatment and the available late hours."



"Thanks to the practice and special thanks to Peter Das who completely transformed my teeth. I have an amazing smile now for the rest of my life. This was the best dental experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend the practice and Dr Peter Das. Thank you Peter again and again!" 


"Very smooth process and relatively painless. Professionalism demontrated by Dr Das and his team. Thank you very much for that!" 



"Amazing dentist who gives you the upmost attention and care. The last two years of treatment have been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much!"



"Thank you very much for the amazing work you have done on my teeth. The confidence and work opportunities you have made possible through the treatment has changed my life dramatically. Not only has this been an easy and stressfree process, but the fantastic work by the team, especially Peter, has added to the amazing experience. Than you again for all your help."



"Super happy with the results! So glad I went ahead with the treatment :) - Thank you!" 



"Amazing dentist - competent and super friendly. Thanks a lot and all the best." 



"Thanks a lot to the practice and more particuallaryly Dr Das for making my teeth & my smile looks a lot nicer! I also greatly appreciated your kindness and flexibilty! I defininitely recommend this place :)"



"I have been very happy with my dental treatment and the results are excellent. My teeth are now straight and my smile looks much better. All the best at team and they whree very friendly and professional." 



"It was a good experience. I am happy with the results." 



"I am very happy with my results, Dr Das has been always professional, gentle and he made me feel special. I would recommend the treatment to anyone. Invisalign is really comfy and easy to use. I am thankful that I found my dentist Dr Das and his assistance.. Thanks, all the best!"



"Very happy with the resutls! The practice has always delivered the best service and expertise! Its been a pleasure and I cant wait to show off my new teeth!" 



"Lieber Herr Dr Das, you couldn't have made the experience more enjoyable or more comfortable. The professionalism and care you offer to the patients couldnt be better. I have not gained just a dentist from this experience but also a friend. I will dearly miss your warm smile every time I visit. I will also miss our awesome chats about all topics! You have tranformed my confidence and I can never thank you enough for that. I feel so lucky I came across you as a dentist and as a person! I cant thank you enough! I will miss you and the whole team here. Danke!"



"Peter has been observing my teeth for many years and I cannot say enough about his professional kind sympathetic approach to dentistry. He is a valuation and should be used as a role model for dentistry. His detail to atttentioin and care also saved my life, spotting a cancerous growth in my salivary gland which was removed surgically very promptly due to his urgency in recommondation of consultancy. Thank you Peter." 



"I really enjoyed the treatment with Peter Das. I didn't expect that the treatment was so quick and result were noticable only after a few month. Peter was always friendly and his deep experience impressed me. All treatment were always quick and pain free. This was topped by the friendly team that was always helpful. All in all, I have to say that I really enjoyed the treatment with Peter. The results are impressive and I am highly recommending anyone a treatment. (ask if there is a chance ask to be treated by Peter Das)."



"Dr Das was very professoinal and it was such a lovely experience beeing his patient."



"I'm very happy with my treatment." 



"Thank you for giving me my smile back! Dr Das and the team have been fantastic over the past year - highly professional and a pleasure to visit every few weeks. I would thouroughly recommend treatment!"



"I am really happy with the results. I was very self conscious about opening my mouth or smiling before, but now I am much more confident doing so!"



"I'm very happy with the treatment and the team have been lovely and helpful throughout!"



"I am very happy with my treatment at the practice. There was never a long wait to receive treatment. I had regular treatments and checks to see my progress. The treatment was tailored to my teeth, my bottom teeth took longer to move and my treatment was adjusted to suit that. I am very happy with the result. Staff are very friendly and professional. Thank you very much!"



"Wish I had done it sooner! Dr Das and all the staff made it a stress free process. I will actually miss them all - so caring, friendly and attentive. No hesitation at all recommedning the process." 



"I have been extremely satisfied with the result after 2 years of treatment and feel that it was absolutely worth coming here and a good decision! In addition the service of the whole team was second to none and I truly appreciate the warm and friendly manner of everyone here. I will certainly be recommedning the practie to everyone I know". 



"A truly wonderful experience! - Thank you for the amazing service, result and price offered. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone looking for or considering orthodontic treatment.. The staff and dentists (especially reception and Dr Peter Das ) were so welcoming and made the experience start to finish an absolute pleasure. Each step was explained clearly, with appointments keeping on time and the practice was able to be flexible with my schedule and any last minute changes. I think the price was highly competetive within London. I am leaving with my new smile on my face.....a much improved smile!!!! Thank yo uso much"



"I am really pleased with the outcome of my treatment. I felt comfortable throughout and was kept informed of my progress. Dr Das was great and I felt like my treatment was in good hands. Thanks!"



"Fantastic service. Dr Das was extremely professional & fully kept me updated in my progress. Realy happy with my results and I'd definitely recommend the procedure." 



"My experience could not have been any better. From start to finish! I felt informed, involved and cared for. I found the advice helpful and creative. During the first weeks of my Invisalign treatment, I struggled to stay comuted to the plan. The staff were extremely kind and understanding, they made the effort to give me tailored advice, support and encouragement. Peter Das was always friendly and professional, with a genuine enjoyment of his work. The outcome is better than I even imagined and I am thrilled with my smile. I cannot recommend enought and I am really grateful to have been so well looked after by the entire team. Thank you!" 



"Dr Das has been excellend throughout my Incognito treatment. He has an incredibly friedly manner and is very dilligent in his work with an eye for detail! Very happy with my new teeth :) Thank you!" 



"I am very happy with the WIN braces treatment and the end result was even better that I have imagined. Would definitely recommend it. Thank you Dr Das - Great Job."



"The results surpassed my expectations and the process was far less strenuous than expected. Thanks!"



"Peter along with the whole team have been a joy. Everyone I came across from the front of house team, the dental nures and Peter are always professional, personal and incredibly efficient. No request is to much from them - everyone is aways helpful. My treatment was been a breeze due to all the excellen staff and Peter's never ending commitment to making sure my treatment goes smoothly. I'd recommend it to everyone. Is been a pleasure - THANK YOU for my smile!" 



"Peter & the team have been brilliant. Always looked after me as a nervous patient." 



"The service was great. I am impressed with the quickness of the WIN lingual braces. They suited my lifestyle as I didnt want my braces to show while I was having work done to straighten my teeth. The braces moved my teeth very quickly with little or no pain. Peter was gentle, professional and always very kind. All of the staff have away supported me with a smile and accomodated my work schedule which was hectice at times. Thank you & will highly recommend." 



"Thank you for a very professional and excellent experience while straightening my teeth with Invisalign. Everyone in the clinic is friendly and professional. My dream came happily true. Helpful & attentive staff." 



"Extremely happy with final result of my Invisalign treatment. Peter and colleagues have been very thorough and informative as well as kind & friendly throughout my treatment and I am very grateful for all their work." 



"Very friendly reception, always helpful. Dr Das is a great dentist who looks after his patients very well! I can very much recommend the practice to anyone!"



"Dr Das and his team are doing an excellent job. Best practice we have come across." 



"10/10 - Excellent service. Always respectful & well thought out & in the same place as children."



"Please keep doing the good work you're doing. You're outstanding!"



"I am very happy about the treatment and care, it is very professional and caring." 



"I feel very well looked after, very confident and competent staff. Good Ambiente."



"I have always the best service and I am always happy with the results. Very kind everybody and professional. Quick & professonial problem solving."



"I have really enjoyed my treatment from Dr Das, so much so that I have refered him to people asking about braces in London. I am impressed with my result from Invisalign, they do truly work!"



"I am very pleased with the result and I have now certainly that smile; next to the professional treatment it was also always a big joy to come to your practice and be welcomed by such nice staff. Keep on smiling and thanks for your treatment."



"I am so grateful for beeing treated by Dr Das. He is kind, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recomment the practice to anyone and especially Dr Das. Thank you for giving my smile and confidence a massive boast!"



"I coud not be happier with the results. The practice and Dr Das have been extremely attentive throughout my treatment."



"I always dreaded the dentist until I came here. Not only have they provided me with the most amazing smile and straightest teeth with Incognito, they welcomed me with the best service every time I came. I highly recommend Peter as a dentist to anyone he has been absolutely amazing."



"I have been really happy with my treatment. I love the results and always had a very pleasant experience visiting the practice. I would wholeheartedly recommend them. Thank you :) ."



"Dear Dr Das - Thank you so much for your professional and attentice care!"



"Dr Das & the rest of the team have done a wonderful job. Everyone has been very caring and they have provided the best attention I could have asked for. Thank you!"



"I can't believe the difference to my teeth in just over a year! I thought long and hard about the treatment but now it's over I'm so pleased I went for it. Dr Das and his team were a pleasure to deal with and I'd thoroughly recommend then to anyone wo wants a nicer smile!" 



"Professional, Friendly Service, Effective Treatment. Thank you!"



"Dr Das was amazing and I am extremely happy with my results. I was made to feel at ease from day 1 and always felt welcomed."



"Great service, friendly, helpful & would recommend to friends. Happy with everything!"



"Peter - THNAK YOU! I was so nervous about getting braces and the beginning but Peter and his team put me at ease immediately. Nobody enjoys going to the dentist but I have to be honest, I was looking forward to my appointments in the end! The whole experience was joyful, seemless and exeptional. The result is fantastic. I couldn't recommend Peter and his team more. Thank you so much guys!"



"Thanks for everything! You made my smile great again!"



"Great experience, absolutley no hassle and results were exactly as were dicussed. Thank you!"



"Amazing treatment, couldn't be happier with the results. The team were very kind and really helped me through the process. Thank you!"



"Excellent, fast treatment. Very pleased with results and service. Would recommend Incognito, no pain and fast results."



"Peter was extremely precised hroughout the treatment. He was very communicable and approachable during the 9 month period. I am very happy with my outcome and would definitly recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you! Best wishes."



"Thank you so much for the excellent care and gracious patience in explaining everything and taking the time to answer all my questions. Would recommend to anyone!"



"Amazing results! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Das! For the first time I am happy with my smile and I even quite like coming to the dentist! Thanks for always beeing so cheering and supportive." 



"Excellent Service with Peter and assitant! Would highly recommend to others."



"Great explanation of treatment procedure, very friendly and professional. Great instructions. Fantastic and will recommend!"



"I am very happy with the service provided and the overall outcome of my Invisalign treatment. The staff were all professional at all times and were very kind and very willing to answer any questions. I felt comfortable at all times during the entire procedure and I am very satisfied. Would highly recommend the practice."



"I really appreciated my time with the practice and Dr Das. They have been incredibily kind and accomodating especially since I have moved back to the States. I have always felt valued - which is something hard to find in dentistry in the States."



"Professionelle Arbeit und sehr liebevolle Betreuung! Vielen Dank fuer das ganze Team." 



"Thank you for my beautiful smile again. You have made me very happy today, also thank you for your patience as I know I am a challenging patient."



"Excellent results from my treatment, great orthodontist practice, very well run and top of the field professionals."



"Excellent service - all staff friendly and efficient. Appointment run on time and I was kept to date throughout my treatment about what was coming up and what to expect. My Incognito treatment was effective, not painful and I am very pleased with my results. I would highly recommend it."



"I am very happy with my treatment. Peter has been great and I am so happy with how my teeth look now."



"Thank you so much Peter; it wasn't anywhere near as uncomfortable a process as I been expecting with my Incognito braces and the results are amazing."



"Lieber Herr Dr Das, die ersten Wochen musste ich noch viel an Sie denken, die INCOGNITO Spange war jetzt da! Das Resultat ist fantastisch, ich danke Ihnen sehr fuer die sehr professionelle Behandlung"



"I am very happy with the outcome of my INCOGNITO braces. They were a lot less intrusive and noticable in my month then I expected and more or less painfree. Thank you very much to the staff who treated me, they were always very nice and extremely effiencient once the braces were on."



"I was prepared for an uncomfortable year when I started my programme of INCOGNITO. In truth, it really had not impact on my life other than help fix my teeth. I am so pleased that I made this investement and I'd like to thank everyone for their care and support throughout. Particular thanks to Dr Das whose been fantastic. All the best for everyone."



"I have had a very good experience, professional and friendly staff who are good at explaining the overall procedure and what to expect as outcome."



"I am really happy to complete my treatment and a special thank you to Dr Das for helping me to achieve beyond my expectations on Incognito treatment; I am so happy with my final result and smile."



"Delighted with my result & best part was that the brace was behing my teeth which meant the teeth were moving without anyone having to know. No one wants train trackes in their 30's. Great friendly service also."



"The treatment went really well and my teeth look so much better. Everyone was very helpful & mice along the way."



"I am so happy with the results of my Invisalign. Dr Das was super helpful and I am looking forward to a new life of straight teeth!"



"Thank you Dr Das, I have the perfect smile now. The practice has been excellent throughout the whole treatment! I am very happy with the result."



"I am really happy to complete my treatment with the practice. A special thank you to Dr Das for helping me to achieve beyond my expectations on my Incognito treatment. I am so happy with my final result/smile."



"Great, quick and easy appointments & time slots. Always had friendly and professional service. Very happy with the result of my treatment Thank you!"



"My teeth have been transformed in 10 month using the Win braces. Dr Das has made the journey pleasant & fun. Thank you so much for the fantastic dentistry."



"Great service, excellent doctor." 



"I am happy with everything!"



"Excellent practice, very satisfied in all relevant aspects." 



"Outstanding and all around service." 



"The guys have given me a fantastic new smile, they always looked after me and made me feel very comfortable. I am very happy!"



"Good attention to detail & efficient service."



"I have had a very positive experience and have been pleased with the results. The staff have been wonderful and I would thoroughly recommend this place to others."



"Brilliant service, friendly, welcoming. Always clear on what to do and the outcome. Couldn't have wished for anything better. So happy with my new smile :)"



"I am very impressed with the level of care that went into my treatment. Not only was everyone always happy to help with any enquires & problems I had, but I found the whole Incognito process to be very simple & quick. I was astonished as to how quickly I saw a difference in my teeth & will be forever grateful for this! I could not recommend this place for treatment enough."



"I have had the best Service here! So happy with the result, worth every penny. Great team I would tell anyone to come here."



"Thanks to Dr Das & the brilliant Incognito braces, smiling is even more enjoyable again. Very professional & friendly treatment."



"I have had a wonderful experience with Incognito treatment with Dr Das. Both Dr Das & his nurse are wonderful people to work with, extremely professional and friendly. I couldn't be happier with my results."



"I am thrilled with my Incognito treatment and the superb guidance, support and expertise of Dr Das and team. My teeth were very crocked with an old filling on one of my front teeth and I had given up hope of ever loving my smile. Now I do! Thank you so much."



"5 Star Service. I would give 6 if I could. I would definetly recommend Dr Das."



"Overall fantastic experience. Very professional and attentive-amazing results."



"Excellent result, very professional behaviour by Dr Das. Keep up the good work."



"Thank you so much Dr Das, you have changed my smile and my confidence every step of the way - you have been amazing."



"I was very happy with the Incognito braces, they even took slightly less than expected to correct my teeth alignment."



"Excellent service & results accomplished. Definetely worth the discomfort."



"The staff are lovley - Happy with result."



"Thank you! I'm really happy with my "new" teeth and the treatment you're given. I'm going to miss my retainers but am delighted with end result. Thanks again!".



"Extremely happy with the final outcome from the braces. Very easy & painfree process as well as very friendly staff. Would recommend Dr Das very highly."



"Thank you so much for the wonderful care and treatment. The team and staff go always above and beyond and I will recommend the treatment to friends. I am extremely happy with the position of my teeth....no no longer ashamed to smile - so thank you!"



"Thanks so much for giving me my smile back! I've found our sessions strangely relaxing and enjoyable."



"I am really happy about the treatment and service I had from Dr Das and his nurse. Dr Das is really patient and always gave professional advice on INVISALIGN and my treatment in general. I would highly recommend Dr Das for any dental treatment."



"Thank you for the fantastic treatment. In the beginning of INCOGNITO I experienced severe discomfort but was conforted and reassured both by Dr Das and his staff. Also big thanks to the reception team who was kind to change my appointments last minute and accomodate them to my schedule. I will recommend the practice to my friends, family and anyone looking for a perfect smile. Many thanks."



"Dr Das - thank you for rescuing me. Again."



"Very efficient, personable and effectice treatment - made me feel comfortable each time - great results!"



"I would like to thank Peter and his nurse for the time they invested in me over the course of my treatment. I felt completely at ease from the very first appointment and no longer fear going to the dentist. I am 100% happy with my teeth for the first time in my life and feel like I have gained two friends. Thank you again."



"I'm very happy with the results!! There were a few hiccups at the start (my wire was breaking) but everyone was very helpful and accomodating. Thank you very much!!"



"I am very happy with the results. I am only sad that I won't be coming back every month & meet the friendly staff so often now."



"Very professional service throughout the course of my treatment. Thrilled with the results. Would recommend to friends."



"Very happy with the result. Dr Das and his team made me feel comfortable throughout. Will be back to have treatment on my bottom teeth. Thank you very much."



"All good. Very personable and professional."



"Thank you so much for my new smile!"



"Dr Das and his team have been great over 18 month of treatment and I am extremely happy with my results. People don't necessary notice that my teeth are different, but they do notice that I smile a whole lot more!"



"Always great service and the dental treatment for me and my family is excellent"



"All dentists and hygienists are very professional in the way they carry out treatments and everybody provides a friendly and welcoming enviroment"



"Very friendly, clean and professional enviroment"



"Dear Peter, Thank you very much for the wonderful results. I am very happy with my new smile. Thanks to you and your amazing team. You all made me feel very comfortable, I just felt like home. I wish you all the best!"



"Very professional & polite care on all accounts"



I'm really happy with my treatment from Dr Das and his assistants. I have self confidence in their professionalism the whole way through and would recommend Dr Das to anyone looking to improve their smile. Thank you so much!"



"Very professional service"



"I have really enjoyed my experience at the practice. I'm very happy with the treatment and care I received and would definitely come back again in future. I would also recomment it to others. The team is lovely too!"



"The whole process went very smoothly. Very happy with the results! Thank you to Dr Das and the rest of the team. The time flew by :)"



"After 2 years I have a perfect smile. Thank you to Peter and the team for beeing so nice and professional during the treatment. It was a little challenging but the result is worth it! Keep on doing the great work!"



"It has been great! I never realised how crocked my front teeth were until I saw the endresults. So happy and everyone has commented on how straight my teeth are now. Well worth it and highly to recommend!"



"Thank you Dr Das for aligning my teeth! Feel much comfortable smiling now!"



"Great - I am really pleased with my teeth and it only took a year!"



"A little apprehensive when I first walked in, but afer everything was explained so clearly to me, I knew that Invisalign was the right treatment for me. Dr Das was absolutley excellent in his professionalism and attitude to help me get the possible outcome. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone!"



"You guys here have been amazing from day one. I can now leave feeling confident and 100% happy with my smile. Thanks!"



"I am pleased with the overall result of my treatment. It is quite a process to go through! But the overall care of all the team here has been excellent! I have always felt confident and safe in the hands of this dental dental team and the practice is always welcoming."



"Dear Dr Peter Daniel Das - Thank you very much for your caring and professional approach to all the treatments I've had. I'm very happy with my implant - it feels like my own and looks good. Best wishes. "



"A hudge thanks to Dr Das and the team for making my treatment both stress and pain free. Dr Das particular is always calm and welcoming and is always happy to answer any questions I may have. Again, thank you so much."



"Fantastic from start to finish. Excellent team. Made me feel totally at ease. I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone. Thank you so much!"



"I am very happy with the result and service received throughout the period. Thank you very much."



"I am delighted with the result of my Incognito braces - I now smile with confidence! Thank you Dr Das and team for your excellent and professional service."



"Excellent service and treatment, clear and helpful guidance along the entire process. Friendly and professional advice from all staff at the clinic. Very happy with the result of my Incognito braces."



"A very painless and enjoyable experience! I finally have the smile I have always wanted and I am so happy with the results. I would recommend to anybody looking to improve their smile. The whole Incognito experience has been smooth and even enjoyable which I never expected. I am so thrilled I went for it!"



"Dear Peter - another hudge "THANK YOU" for taking care of me yesterday. As always you were the best dentist superhero! I will be back soon - hopefully for just a checkup! Best wishes!"



"I am very pleased with the results; the service has been fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Das to friends and family. Thank you!"



"I am very, in fact extremely happy with my new teeth. I have had the most amazing Incognito treatment and Dr Das was a delight. The team made me feel special and the attention to detail was outstanding. I would totally recommend the team here and I will miss them. Thank you!"



"My orthodontic treatment was an easy and pleasant procedure - I am very happy with how it went and the care I received throughout. Thank you!"



"Very happy with the practice team - satisfied with my treatment - would definitely recommend my orthodontic treatment to others."



"Overall treatment was very good. Results are pleasing and all the staff have been very effictient and made me feel at ease. Thanks!"



"I am very pleased with my Incognito treatment. Dr Das has been very friendly and professional throughout the treatment. The treatment took a few month longer than I anticipated, but it was worth to wait for the results. I am also very happy with the professionalalism of the staff. I have already recommended the treatment to others."



"Calm, relaxing and spa like - what a great experience with my in-office whitening - my treatment has worked very well. Thank you Dr Das. "



"Great Result. Great Staff. THANK YOU Peter."



"Very pleasant experience, wonderful result; professional staff , friendly too. Highly recommend. Thank you Peter."



"Dear Peter - many thanks for everything. You're the most brilliant person and dentist."



"Excellent treatment, dentist and results! Delighted with the process from start to finish. Thank you Dr Das and team!"



"It has been a long process but not a painful one & really please with the results. Really helpful staff & dentist on every visit. Thank you Peter!"



"Process of my treatment - smooth, well communicated and easy to follow

Appointments - well managed, courteaus and as painless as possible

Orthodontic Treatment - effective, quick and the experience well worth it

Dental Practice - very friendly and organised

Dr Das and his nurse - lovely, great people skills, very friendly and made the

experience non-threatening and easy" Thank you!"



"Dear Peter. Thank you for your care + consideration. Much appreciated. Not sure how I would have coped otherwise. A great thanks to everyone also helping me to overcome my anxiety and nerves."



"I loved the idea that incognito was not visible. The reality of wearing the braces was actually not very difficult, after a couple of month I have pretty much forgotten I had them put on. 12 month on and the results are excellent - both top and bottom teeth are now nice and straight. I enjoyed all my visits to see Peter and would totally recommend the procedure to anyone. The final part is to have my teeth whitened - I have specified as white as Dr Das's polo shirt - but this may be overdoing it :) - Thank you"



"I would like to say a really big thank you to Dr Das especially and all his team for a truly outstanding customer service and proffesionality.

The results also have been superb and matching my expectations in little more than six month since I first came. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends. Thanks again for making me smile (more often) :)"



"Peter has been very patient and took care of everything, making sure I am beeing comfortable during the entire treatment. I am very impressed of the result and very satisfied with the service and everything. Thank you!"



"Dr Das is a star. Thank you for my new smile."



"I had Incognito treatment and I am absolutely pleased with the results achieved, quality of service provided and overall experience. It was a pleasure to work with a team of highly professionals and especially with Peter. Every appointment was on time and to the best expectations. Peter was very attentive and delivered every result promised in a timely and professional manner. So far, this 16 month were my best dentist experience in life. Many thanks for everything!"



"I found my experience with Peter and the entire team incredibly easy and actually enjoyable. They were professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. I never felt worried to call and ask questions about my treatment and I am very happy with final outcome. Thank you Peter!"



"VERY HAPPY with the results of the treatment. Came in expecting my teeth to be straightened and they have, plus the general health of my mouth has improved greatly as well. Will definitely recommend this treatment to anybody who asks."



"Fantastic treatment from start to finish. Lastly friendly staff. Incognito - minimal impact on my life and changes noticed within 2 weeks. Will/would recoommend practice and Incogntio to anyone."



"Good that no one was able to see my Incognito braces every day because they were well hidden. I like Incognito because it is fixed and not removable. So that I did not have to "remember" to put my braces back on. Great result - thank you Peter."



"It was a lot easier than I expected. I've had braces before but this time they were comfortable, no lisp, no pain. All the process were well explained I am really happy with the service and am extremely happy with the result."



"Dear Dr Das - firstly I must thank you for my beautiful straight teeth and then for your refusal to accept anything but perfection with my impossibly difficult front crown. You were heroic and never gave up. I am delighted with the result and so very glad I was recommended to you!"



"Dr Das recommended a brace to me to straighten my teeth and remove the gaps. At 30, I was naturally a little worried about having a brace but he reassured me every step of the way. He fitted the Incognito braces on the inside of my teeth and so they were not visible from the outside. The main part of the treatment was the initial fitting which was not painful thanks to Dr Das's delicate work. I felt totally reassured as he talked me through every step of the way. Over the course of the next month, Dr Das oversaw progress and made any required adjustments. I had the braces removed 14 month later and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr Das takes real pride with his work and nothing was to much trouble. I am so pleased with the results and it's always nice to get compliments on your teeth!"



"My treatment was amazing. The SixMonthSmile transformed my smile quickly and easily. Beeing petrified of the dentist always held me back from treatments like this, but Dr Das made me feel comfortable, now I love the dentist!"



"The entire treatment process from the start to finish was very smoothly and professionally conducted by the staff. I will most definately recommend the practice and I had to come back I wouldn't think twice. I am very impressed with the quality of service I have received from treatment and the clinic."



"Overall I've enjoyed my Incognito treatment. It took less than a year to fix my teeth and I am very pleased with the results. The level of pain during braces instalment and regular checks was even lower than a simple filling treatment. Discomfort was mainly at the first two weeks and first days after monthly adjustments. Wax provided by the practice were quite handy at first two month, but I didn't require them after I got used to the presence my braces. The braces also looked good and not visible at all which helped at work during client meetings. My sincere thanks to the practice team and particularly Dr Das!"



"Amazing to see the difference with my teeth they look great - wish I had had the treatment a lot sooner than I did after seeing the results. Peter and his nurse have been fantastic during the whole process always so friendly and trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible, especially when some parts of the process were quite uncomfortable. Only down side of treatment coming to and end is that I won't see them every 4 weeks anymore - will miss them and our random chats!"



"The overall experience has been fabolous. I am over the moon with the result from my my smile. Most people hardly noticed I was even wearing braces. Dr Das and his team are great and have been so helpful in answering any of my questions and concerns. I have and will continue to not only recommend braces but to recommend the practice to undergo this treatment. 10 out of 10!"



"Thank you for your fabulous work on my teeth! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous start to the New Year."



"Very professional service from you and your team. Very happy with results, above expectations! Highly recommend having braces. Thank you so much. ....Now I am ready for my engagement.



"The treatment was fantastic, loved every moment. Felt relaxed and staff were amazing. Feel so happy with the results, it was a very pleasant experience. Thank you!"



"The treatment at the practice is great! Good results delivered very quickly and everyone is very helpful. It was a great experience overall. I would recommend having braces!"



"I'm impressed with how quickly some of my teeth moved. It was a good compromise between time and having a good smile!"



"Great practice. Very welcoming staff. Great dentist. Great smile!"



"I'm so pleased with my new straight teeth. It will be hard to stop smiling. Dr Das and the team have been fantastic. I now trust dentists again. I highly recommend having braces and the surgery."



"From day 1, I felt that Dr Das was very accomodating to my needs. He talked thoroughly about the treatment plan and managed my expectations well. I always felt like I was in very capable hands during each of my appointments. If I was ever concerned or worried about something, Dr Das would take the time to talk things through and reasure me. I am extremely glad with my new smile and the treatment I received. Dr Das has given me the confidence to smile proudly again. Thanks everyone!"



"Just finished my braces treatment and have been very impressed with the results. The practice has a very professional carrying approach to patients and Peter has done a great job - would highly recommend to others considering this procedure. 10/10!"



"From the moment I walked through the door I felt very welcome. The receptionist were all lovely and I felt they made the effort to make everyone feel lke an individual rather than just another patient. My initial consultation was very helpful in helping me to decide what form of treatment would be best for my situation. Dr Das and his nurse were fantastic. They were really friendly and approachable so I felt I could ask them any questions I had overall. I think braces are fantastic, it fixed my teeth and I am exstatic with the results. I have been encouraging all of my friends who are thinking about getting dental work done to consider the practice - I would recommend it to everyone!"



"Having Invisalign has been a lot easier than anticipated. I could eat what I want, and nobody even noticed I was wearing them! It's actually going to feel strange not having them! Lots of thanks to the team (especially Peter!!), I now have the smile I have wanted for years!"



"I have to say I am really impressed with effects of having braces. My expectations have never been set to high, and the effect is actually much better. Well worth the difficulties of wearing them. Would definitely recommend to friends and family - both the product and the practice. Big thanks!"



"Just wanted to say “Thank you so much!” for all your hard work today! Finally I can smile properly! Thank you!"



"Over the month that you have been treating me, you have shown me kindness and I have come to trust you more than any other dentist I have visited. I would like to thank you for your generous smile, your gentle touch and your reassuring voice. You have been greatly appreciated."



"I can not thank Dr Das for the treatment I received recently. He advised a clear and detailed plan for my treatment and even managed to fit it around my chaotic business schedule. I have had a lot of dental work done over the last 10 years and until now I have always been a little disappointed. My family and friends have all commented on the results and I personally could not be happier with the outcome. I simply cannot stop smiling!"



"All done-it feels good! Thank you for your super attention and see you soon."



"Just wanted to tell you “thank you very much!” for all the effort that you put into my smile! I love my teeth so much and just enjoy smiling a lot more nowadays! Thank you! And I will see you very soon!"



"I have been a patient of Peter for more than one year. I would highly recommend him as he has an excellent rapport with his patients and I have found Peter extremely competent. He explains to you very thoroughly, in a very simplistic language, which is very easy to understand. He also offers you alternative therapies should the need arise. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my clients, as I have always found to be very accommodating, courteous and reasonable."



"Peter Das knew exactly what I wanted and how we would go about it. Thank you!"



"It is not easy to find the right dentist, especially if you are a fussy person looking for a affordable top quality. Each single treatment I have had so far has exceeded my expectations. A big thank you!"



"I knew I had finally found the dentist I had been looking for I had not been to the dentist for over ten years for numerous reasons and it had become apparent that I needed to remedy the situation. Despite the amount of work I needed on my teeth, I was not looked down upon and was always treated with the utmost care. I would recommend anyone to visit Peter Das for all their dental needs."